Tuesday, December 15, 2020

MADAME CLAUDE Now Available For Pre-Order (My First Audio-Commentary)

I'm so pleased to announce that recently I had the great fortune of recording my first ever audio commentary for Just Jaeckin's extraordinary 1977 feature MADAME CLAUDE.  This upcoming Blu-ray (and DVD) from Cult Epics is now available for pre-order.  I also supplied the questions for the new Jaeckin interview.  I absolutely love this film and am so honored to be involved with this release.  More info on this release, as well as info on a web exclusive, can be read here at Cult Epics.  

Thursday, September 24, 2020


Cult Epics is marking the 40th anniversary of the landmark debut from post-punk legends Christian Death in a huge way with a brand new coffee-table book and deluxe vinyl version of the album.  For more information, please visit the book's Indiegogo page and then share and support if you can.  


Monday, July 13, 2020

CULT EPICS Unleash two Tinto Brass Special Editions

Cult Epics have just released a splendid two disc collection dedicated to the iconic Italian cult director Tinto Brass.  This gorgeous release includes Brass' 1995 feature P.O. Box Tinto Brass and the award winning 2013 documentary on Brass' career, IsTintoBrass.  The set includes a beautiful large booklet chronicling Brass' six decade long career, a slip-case with alternate artwork, a reversible sleeve as well as numerous extras including interviews, galleries and trailers. 

P.O. Box Tinto Brass is amongst the controversial director's most unique feature length films.  Composed of a number of erotic vignettes hosted by the irrepressible Brass himself, P.O. Box Tinto Brass is amongst the most entertaining and lighthearted films.  Featuring a typically fantastic score by the much missed Riz Ortolani, P.O. Box Tinto Brass is presented completely uncut and the new 4K HD transfer looks terrific.  While it certainly isn't amongst Brass' great works, P.O. Box Tinto Brass remains an essential title in his filmography and fans should welcome this release with open arms.

Even better is director Massimiliano Zanin's incredibly well-done career spanning IsTintoBrass.  Making its stateside debut with a beautifil 2K transfer, this documentary is an idealstarting point for newbies interested in Brass and seasoned fans as well.  It's also an essential watch for European film fans in general.  Love him or hate him, the likes of Tinto Brass will not be seen again and IsTintoBrass does a terrific job of celebrating his work while putting him in proper historical and social perspective. 

Cult Epics have released a number of Tinto Brass titles in the past and this new collection is amongst their very best.  It's amongst the most essential archival releases of the year. 

-Jeremy R Richey-

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Nico B. and Cult Epics have just released the stunning hardcover coffee-table book WOMEN OF THE SUN: BUNNY YEAGER IN MEXICO.  This is one of the most gorgeous books I have seen in quite awhile and it is essential for fans of the legendary Yeager.

Please visit this page at Cult Epics for more information on this exquisite collection of unreleased work from one of America's great and much missed photographers.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Mondo Macabro's SATANICO PANDEMONIUM - Limited Red Case Edition Pre-Order

I've written an essay for Mondo Macabro's new edition of SATANICO PANDEMONIUM and the limited Blu-ray is now available for pre-order here.  This is one of the most important releases I've ever had the great fortune to contribute to and I hope everyone reading will order.  Thank you!

-Jeremy Richey-

Friday, January 4, 2019

SOLEDAD (Volume One) Now Available

The premiere issue of my brand new arts journal, SOLEDAD, is now available on Amazon or at Nostalgia Kinky. I’ve been working, mostly in secret, on this since my first publications, ART DECADES, mission was unexpectedly terminated earlier this year. The cover is a shot of Terence Stamp and Jeanne Moreau from the devastating 1975 film HU-MAN, which I have written about for the issue. The quote from the cover is from Stamp. 
I’m incredibly blessed to have a truly stellar lineup of contributors for the first issue and I’m grateful to all of them. The near 200 page first volume features interviews I conducted with Stoya, Rocket From the Tombs founder Craig Bell and electric eels leader John D. Morton (both of whom are now in X-X). The issue also features new fiction from Robert Monell and Les Bohem, new essays by Heather Drain and Tara Hanks, poetry by Emily Clare Bryant, a book excerpt from Marcelline Block and photography by Ian Preston Cinnamon, John Levy and myself. I’m incredibly indebted to all of these fine artists and am thrilled to feature their words and work.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Christ, I don't know what to say about the passing of Bernardo Bertolucci.  The man was one of my great artistic heroes and I simply cannot imagine what my life would have been like without his films.  I've done so many of these rest in peace posts over the years (and some I couldn't do because they hurt too much like Burt Reynolds) but I just don't know what to say about this loss...no filmmaker reached Bertolucci's heights...none even came close.  

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Racy Reels From The Something Weird Vault: A Mac Ahlberg HD Double Feature

Out now from Pop Cinema, Film Media and Something Weird is Volume 3 of their series Racy Reels From The Something Weird Vault.  This collection sees the HD debut of two Mac Ahlberg titles, I, a Woman part 2 and The Daughter:  I, a Woman part 3.  The official sequels to the Ahlberg's groundbreaking 1965 original, that Radley Metzger's Audubon films turned into a stateside smash in 1965, I, a Woman part 2 and The Daughter:  I, a Woman part 3 are both presented in uncut English dubbed versions on these new DVD and Blu-ray sets.  These newly mastered versions both look and sound quite splendid despite some minor print damage throughout.   Ahlberg and Lars Karlsson's splendid colorful photography for Part 3, my personal favorite film from the series,  looks especially vibrant here.  For this release Pop Cinema have delivered some terrific extras including liner notes, and an audio commentary, by Tim Lucas as well as trailers and outtakes from part two.  A trailer can be viewed here and more information can be found over at Alternative Cinema.

-Jeremy Richey, 2018-

Saturday, November 24, 2018

"I realized I've spent all my life creating a past."

-Nicolas Roeg (1928-2018)-