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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jim Akin's THE OCEAN OF HELENA LEE at The American Cinematheque on May 8th

The much anticipated second feature film, after the extraordinary After The Triumph of Your Birth, from writer and director Jim Akin is making its big screen premiere on the evening of May 8th at The American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theater. The Ocean of Helena Lee is one of the most brilliant and evocative American films in recent memory and anyone in the Hollywood area on May 8th should do everything in their power to attend The American Cinematheque's screening, which will be followed by a conversation with the film's cast and crew, moderated by Allison Anders and Josh Olson, and a special performance by one of the film's stars, the legendary Maria McKee. A few strong pieces have already been written on The Ocean of Helena Lee, including these by Sheila O'Malley and Dennis Cozzalio and the incredible soundtrack by McKee and Akin is available here. My own look at the film, along with two in depth interviews with Maria, can be read in the third issue of Art Decades, which is now available at Amazon. Even if you can't make the premiere, please follow this stunning piece of American Independent filmmaking at its official Facebook page, at Twitter and its official site. It's a poetic and powerful film and one of my favorites of the decade.

STAY AS YOU ARE (Così come sei) is Coming to Blu-ray and DVD from Cult Epics!!!

One of the most sought after films in Nastassja Kinski's filmography is finally getting an uncut Blu-ray and DVD release here in the states courtesy of the great folks over at Cult Epics. Stay as You Are (Cosi Come Sei) will be released on May 12th in a sparkling new HD transfer with both its original Italian language track, as well as the English language dub. The film will be available to order at Cult Epics official site, as well as Amazon and other fine retailers. I will be featuring a couple of in depth looks at this new release of one of Kinski's most important films in the upcoming months and, in the meantime, please feel free to visit my older posts on it as well.