Friday, March 2, 2007

Noodles and Deborah Together Again

Vanity Fair has never been one of my favorite magazines but their annual Hollywood issues are always something to look forward to due to the always splendid photography. This months is possibly the best ever with Annie Leibovitz paying tribute to Film Noir with an incredible assortment of some of our finest living stars.
The photo that put a lump in my throat features a reunion of sorts between Once Upon A Time In America's Noodles and Deborah. Sergio Leone's epic film from 1984 is a favorite of mine and it gave Robert De Niro one of his greatest roles and introduced the world to the lovely and talented Jennifer Connelly.
Connelly and De Niro have never actually worked together as Connelly played Deborah as a young girl while Elizabeth Mcgovern played her as a grown up and shared the screen time with De Niro. Connelly's portrayal of the young Deborah continues to give Once Upon A Time In America the overwhelmingly haunting feel that it continues to exude all of these years later.
This photograph marks the first time Connelly and De Niro have actually worked together to my knowledge. Pardon the scan quality but it's just meant as a teaser to a great Leibovitz spread that can be easily found everywhere.
Connelly would go from Leone's epic to one of Dario Argento's most personal films and has built a lovely career and life for herself. De Niro continues to be one of our great icons and will hopefully one day return to roles, like Noodles, that expose his great talent for all it can be.

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