Friday, May 4, 2007

Artist and Muse #16

Among my favorite films of the decade is Julio Medem's 2001 feature SEX AND LUCIA starring Paz Vega. I have revisited this extremely striking and meditative film much more than almost any other in the past seven years and its non-linear narrative on sex, love, life and death reminds me of some of the greatest art films of the sixties and seventies.
This film followed Medem's equally captivating LOVERS OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE and gave Paz Vega one of her first starring roles. SEX AND LUCIA was nominated for a whopping 11 Goya awards and won for Alberto Iglesias's haunting score and for Vega's startling performance. Paz would go on to win five additional Spanish film awards for her portrayel of Lucia and the film was a critical and popular success in Spain as well as throughout Europe.
Medem is currently finishing up work on his newest film, CHAOTIC ANA and Vega recently completed work on the newest film by the Taviani Brothers, THE LARK FARM.
I will be looking at SEX AND LUCIA in more depth in the future but I though this great shot of Vega and Medem, from the set, was well worth posting.

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