Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Out Now On Dvd

Released yesterday on dvd were two of my favorite films from the past year and two of the most visionary and striking works of the decade.
Darren Aronofsky's meditative THE FOUNTAIN continues to divide people but I urge everyone to give it a look. The disc is disappointing in the extras department with only a series of featurettes as the supplemental material. The print is beautiful though and I honestly believe this film will build more of a following in years to come so hopefully another edition will be released in the future. I should add that the featurettes do add up to about an hour and are a fascinating look at the history and making of the film.
Almost everyone seems to agree on Guillermo Del Toro's remarkable PAN'S LABYRINTH and rightfully so. It is a rare breed of fantasy film that manages to be a feast for the eyes, heart and mind. The film is available in a deluxe two dvd set with about two hours worth of extras plus a commentary by Del Toro.

I love both of these very brave and heartfelt films and am glad that they are going to have the chance to be seen now by more people.

A closer look at THE FOUNTAIN is coming soon.


colinr0380 said...

I'm looking forward to reading your impressions of The Fountain. I also liked this film a lot and posted my thoughts up on the forum (under the same user name). It seems to be a terribly misunderstood and hated film from many of the other reviews I've read of it.

Jeremy Richey said...

I really love the film also. I have been gearing up to write about it but it seems like it will be a bit difficult for me to do it justice. I'll have to check your comments on the Criterion board...I think even the people that dislike it would have to concede that it does invite major discussion which is something films rarely do anymore....Glad to hear it has another admirer....keep checking the blog as I hope to have something written about it soon...thanks again

Jeremy Richey said...

Hey Colin,
Really enjoyed reading your detailed thoughts on The Fountain over at the Criterion forum.
I think one thing I am struggling with on writing about it is how to describe my feelings concerning the 'future' section. The 'past clearly seems to be Rachel's book she is writing while the 'present' being the only concrete 'reality' of the film.
The first time I saw it I took 'The future' to be, if not Jackman's concluding chapter she asks him to write, then at least his emotional landscape personified.
I must say though that there seems to be hints in re-viewing the film that suggest otherwise.
Anyway, still formulating my thoughts on it so I can hopefully write something halfway intelligent on this fine film.
Your thoughts on it were great to read...thanks for alerting me to them..

also thanks for providing the link to my blog in the Antoine Doinel discussion...much appreciated