Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pacino and De Niro: Righteous Reunion

Announced yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival is a new thriller to begin shooting in August called RIGHTEOUS KILL, that will be directed by Jon Avnet. This news probably wouldn't have garnered any attention but the casting announcement has got everybody talking.
Appearing together in the film will be Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Unlike the other two films they have appeared in with each other, THE GODFATHER PART TWO and HEAT, Avnet's film promises having them sharing substantial screen time together.
Their long dialogue scene in Michael Mann's HEAT has already entered into American film legend and the idea of these two forces acting throughout an entire film together is extremely exciting. One also hopes that this might be the film to awake De Niro from his decade long sleepwalking spell and place him back among the finest actors of all time.
Pacino is currently wrapping up the remake of RIFIFI and De Niro has already completed STARDUST with Michelle Pfeiffer.
I won't believe it until I am actually in a theater seeing it but the idea of these two major icons from my youth together has made my week. I hope it works out.

Here is one of the longer stories focusing on it, and hopefully the only time I will ever direct anyone to Eonline here.

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