Saturday, June 23, 2007

Artist and Muse #22

Congratulations to both Michael Winterbottom and Angelina Jolie for receiving some of the best reviews of their career for the just opened, A MIGHTY HEART.
Winterbottom has become one of my favorite modern directors in the last ten years and I am glad to see one of his films getting so much acclaim.
The once unbelievably kinetic and intense Jolie was, at the beginning of her career, one of my favorite American actresses, but it has been almost a decade since she really seemed to push herself in a role. As much as I have come to admire her as a person, I have really missed the excitement her early work generated. I am happy to see that apparently she has found a role that might remind people, and perhaps herself, of how good she can be.
I plan on seeing the film this weekend and the talented Winterbottom has rarely let me down so I am looking forward to it.

I saw A MIGHTY HEART yesterday and it is one of the best film's Michael Winterbottom has ever made and the best performance Angelina Jolie has given since GIA ten years ago. Highly, highly recommended.

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