Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Artist and Muse Double Feature #23 and #24

I really like my ongoing 'Artist and Muse' series. It allows me to post some of my favorite behind the scenes photos and highlight some remarkable artistic relationships where both parties are equally and simultaneously 'artist' and 'muse'.
Today I was inspired by Cinebeats birthday tribute to the powerful Isabelle Adjani to offer up my first double bill of this series.

Adjani's performance for Francois Truffaut in THE STORY OF ADELE H. is one of the the greatest I have ever seen. Searing, intense and finally heartbreaking, the 19 year old Adjani delivered arguably the greatest performance anyone ever did for Truffaut which puts her ahead of some very strong competition.
I love reading Truffaut's accounts of the teenage powerhouse on his set, at times he seems nearly frightened by the emotion and dedication that she invested in the role and his close ups of her remarkable face are among my favorites in screen history. Adjani would receive her first Oscar nomination for THE STORY OF ADELE H. and in my view she should have won it.

Adjani's follow up to THE STORY OF ADELE H. was Roman Polanski's masterful THE TENANT. Long one of Polanski's most underrated masterpieces, THE TENANT features Adjani in a relatively small but extremely effective role that would show that she was capable of playing anything delivered to her.

Adjani would unfortunately never work with either Francois or Roman again but these two performances would kick start one of the great careers in modern cinema. Isabelle would soon be working with directors ranging from Werner Herzog to Andrzej Zulawski and can still frankly wipe the floor with most of modern cinema's greatest actors. I'd like to join in and wish her a, day late, happy birthday and I hope that one day she decides to return to the cinema screen again.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

It was nice to see your tribute to Isabelle as well as that of Kimberly over at Cinebeats. Both were great ways of honoring this beautiful and talented actress for her birthday. I've never been disappointed with her performances, whether it was something earlier in her career or as a more mature actress. This and Kimberly's posts both helped me learn more about an actress I adore. I really love European actresses, and she's one of the best in my opinion.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith,
She is awesome and I miss seeing her in films...glad you enjoyed the post...

scott said...

hi! i love your blog!! THE MOON IN THE GUTTER is one of my favorite films, is that DVD cover real or no? I keep hoping each year it will get a release on R1 or R2 dvd but no..

any help would be great!


Jeremy Richey said...

Hi Scott,
I captured that dvd cover image off Ebay a while back. I think it was like a region 4 disc or something but I can't comment on the quality of the dvd as I don't have it.
It is definately one I am really wanting and can't believe it hasn't been re-released...hope you keep finding stuff you enjoy on the blog.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

scott said...

Thanks for the info!!

Great photo of adjani here!! :) have you seen a movie she did called "L' Été meurtrier " or"One Deadly Summer" ??

Jeremy Richey said...

I have a poor quality boot of "One Deadly Summer"...great film and she is incredible in it. I wish it would get a proper dvd release....thanks