Saturday, June 2, 2007

Don't Miss Don't Make Waves

Tomorrow Turner Classic Movies is having a showing of one of my favorite comedies from the sixties, the Alexander Mackendrick directed DON'T MAKE WAVES. This sparkling and very funny Tony Curtis vehicle from 1967 has never been available on dvd and TCM's fine widescreen transfer is currently the best way to see this little underrated gem.
Outside of one containing Tony Curtis' funniest performances and a great Vic Mizzy score (with no less than The Byrds performing the title track), the highlight of DON'T MAKE WAVES is the opportunity to see two of the most beautiful women in screen history appearing together.

Claudia Cardinale was just one year away from her incredible turn in Sergio Leone's legendary ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST and she is wonderfully daffy and funny in DON'T MAKE WAVES, and at the height of her beauty.
The real scene stealer though is Sharon Tate who had just turned 24 when she took over for Julie Newmar in the role of the beach girl Malibu. The breathtakingly beautiful Tate could have easily developed into one of the best comedians of the sixties and seventies had she been given the chance. Simultaneously hilarious, sexy, sweet and finally tender the athletic Tate is a wonder to behold in this film. Watch this as a double feature sometime with her equally scene stealing role in THE WRECKING CREW to see just how funny and full of life this young woman was in her tragically short life.
The thing I like best about DON'T MAKE WAVES is just how much fun everyone seems to be having. I find it's sense of exuberance unfortunately missing from most of today's comedies. It may not be great art but it's a hell of a lot of fun.
Hopefully the studios will get around to recognizing Tony Curtis as one of the great comic actors of the sixties and get some of his unreleased comedies out on disc. In the meantime check out DON'T MAKE WAVES Sunday morning on TCM, it's a sublimely funny little film.


Mr. Peel said...

I saw this movie a number of years ago and have always thought of it as being one of the few movies where Claudia Cardinale was only the second sexiest woman in it. But after catching a few minutes this morning I think I may have to revise that. Maybe my tastes have changed, but she's pretty ravishing. She may still have some competition in 8 1/2, though.

It's a fun movie and the Vic Mizzy score is terrific.

Jeremy Richey said...

Glad to hear that I'm not the only fan of the film. I have a lot of personal feelings about Sharon but I agree, ravishing is a pretty apt description for Claudia Cardinale. She's really amazing.
Thanks for commenting....the Mizzy score is available on CD in case you don't have it and is well worth tracking down...thanks again

Rogue Spy 007 said...

Claudia Cardinale is one of the sexiest women ever in my opinion. She's so beautiful that it's unbelievable. I also love Sharon Tate. She is breathtaking in her beauty. I loved her in "The Wrecking Crew." She was hilarious as Helm's bumbling nerdy assistant. Then when we discover who she truly is, we, along with Dino, get knocked out by her sexiness. I loved her little sexy dance she did for Helm in the movie. It's a shame her life was cut short by a madman's clan. I would have loved to have seen what sort of career she would have pursued. I'll have to check this movie out. It's got two sexy women for one thing. Sounds great.

Jeremy Richey said...

I think Sharon would have become a huge star in the seventies. I have always believed she would have had an incredible career.
Hope you enjoy the film, Claudia and Sharon are both stunning in it...oh and I love "The Wrecking Crew" and the Matt Helms in general...thanks again for the comment...

Rogue Spy 007 said...

The Matt Helm spy capers that Dino did were awesome. My favorite was actually "Murderer's Row," which co-starred Ann-Margret. I did love "The Wrecking Crew." After all we got both Sharon Tate and Elke Sommer in that one. I do think Sharon would have become a big star in the 70's. It's a shame her life and career were cut so horrifically short by some crazies.