Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bebe Buell

To a lot of younger people she is probably best known as Liv Tyler's mom (not a bad thing to be known for) but Bebe Buell has had a fascinating life that has included time with some of the most famous rock musicians in history.
I just recently discovered Bebe's fantastic website and wanted to recommend it. It contains hundreds of vintage photos of her, Liv and many of the Seventies best rock icons ranging from David Bowie to Blondie to Stiv Bators. Also on the site are various articles, interviews, music recommendations, Bebe's own music, links and more. It's a really cool site with lots of surprises on it.
The site is located at

It's a good way to pass an afternoon.

I've been fascinated with Bebe for awhile and her autobiography REBEL HEART is an interesting insiders look at seventies and eighties rock music. Bebe's talented, has a cool daughter and inspired Elvis Costello to write some of the greatest songs ever written. Give her site a visit and check out her book if you haven't read it.

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