Saturday, July 28, 2007

Francis Ford Coppola's One From The Heart at Nostalgia Kinky

My look at one of the most controversial and debated films of Nastassja Kinski's career has begun over at Nostalgia Kinky. I will be posting on Francis Ford Coppola's ONE FROM THE HEART (1982) all though this next week with a variety of different posts, vintage articles, photos and more. I have just posted my main review of the film to kick things off. The picture just to the left is Francis, Roman and Sofia Coppola at the ill fated premiere of ONE FROM THE HEART back in 1982. I invite any Moon In The Gutter readers to join me throughout the week over there if you would like. The link is, as always, just over to the right.
My regular Moon In The Gutter posts will begin again tomorrow, thanks for continuing to read and comment.

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