Friday, August 17, 2007

Returning From Memphis

Moon In The Gutter is getting ready to get back on track later this weekend as my vacation is one day from wrapping up. I meant to post more this past week but a slow connection speed in my hotel room and exhausting temperatures stopped me.
I come down to Memphis twice a year for Elvis Week (regular readers will have gathered that I have a major love for Presley) and they are always two of my best weeks of the year.
This Elvis week was particularly packed with stuff to do with one of the major events being the sold out 30th Anniversary concert at the Fed-Ex forum right off Beale Street. This two concert event was attended by nearly 30,000 people and was among the most spellbinding shows I have ever seen. The famed TCB band can still blow away any band on the planet and the use of a surprising number of Elvis outtakes, in addition to the expected released clips, was a very pleasant surprise.
Other highlights of the week included some moments with James Burton, hearing a very open and charming Priscilla speak, seeing a film festival that included an eye opening showing of CHARRO, and meeting one of the great soul acts of the sixties and seventies, The Sweet Inspirations.
Moon In The Gutter and Nostalgia Kinky will both be roaring back early next week with their regular postings as well as perhaps some goodies from my Memphis adventures. Thanks for sticking with me despite the past week's inactivity here.
Here is a shot of Elvis that I took at the astounding second Fed-Ex concert last night. I was thrilled to be among the near 100,000 people that converged on Memphis this week from all over the world to pay tribute to a man who left this planet 30 years ago but continues to have more influence and effect than most living artists could ever even hope to.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I'm glad you've had a nice vacation and time at Elvis Week. It was great seeing the pictures and reading the blogs from your time there. I do look forward though to what you do here and at the Nastassja blog this week. Take care. Have a wonderful weekend.

colinr said...

So now we know what you do for a living - you are one of those Elvis impersonators!

You are right about his influence - it was amazing to look at the list of films on imdb that have used his music. At least one (and usually many more than that) film has used his music every year since his death.

The only exception is the year after his death - I guess people kept away from using his music so soon after his passing.

Jeremy Richey said...

Actually I agree with Johnny Carson when he said that in a perfect world Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators woruld be dead...
Thanks to you both for your comments and for sticking with the blog...regular postings will begain again shortly