Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Article On Larraz's Symptoms at Amplifier

My new Amplifier article is up if anyone would like to come over and give a look. This one is on another great lost film of the seventies, Jose Larraz's VAMPYRES follow up, SYMPTOMS.
I first read about this startling film in the great Tohill and Tombs book IMMORAL TALES back in the mid nineties and I secured a copy from Craig Ledbetter's European Trash Cinema shortly after. It is a film that I admire greatly and I find its current missing in action status very disappointing.
I invite anyone to come over and read my thoughts on the film and comments are very appreciated over there so leave a note if you can.
The direct link is below and I will provide a permanent link for Amplifier over to the right.



Rogue Spy 007 said...

I'm going to go check it out now. Never heard of this film before, so I'm interested in learning some about it.

mike said...

Hey Jeremy;
excellent review/article there. I enjoy Larraz' films a lot, and would rate Symptoms only below Coming of Sin, which I consider his utter masterpiece.

I find your comparisons to REPULSION and FULL CIRCLE interesting; I've never consciously made the connection but can see it as pretty obvious with your pointing out. However, I think Larraz' film succeeds in emphasizing the protagonist's isolated state far more than FULL CIRCLE, and in a more overwhelming way than REPULSION (I should not that I find the whole of REPULSION it self a bit underwhelming).

Any way, thanks again for your thoughts!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith,
Hope you enjoy the article and I love your new avatar.

Thanks Mike,
I love "Full Circle" and am going to be having a special tribute for it soon...I also meant to include Bava's "Shock" in that group but accidently left it out. "Coming Of Sin" I love and it is just under "Symptoms" and "Vampyres" for my favorite Larraz...thanks for the comments. I appreciate them.