Thursday, June 26, 2008

Operation Screenshot (Films of the 2000s): Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead (2004)












J.D. said...

Nice pick. I love this film, esp. for all the little asides and, of course, the reference to The Stone Roses and SECOND COMING.

The Zombaid thing at the end was pretty funny too. What did you think of Wright and Pegg's follow-up, HOT FUZZ?

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks J.D.,
Yea I wanted to applaud the first time I heard the Stone Roses reference...have you watched the extras? The extended Coldplay sequence is just priceless.
I really liked HOT FUZZ as well only not quite as much, I think because I am a bigger fan of the movies they were paying tribute to in SHAUN. Still, HOT FUZZ is terrific and that 4 disc set is massive...I am still working through all the extras on that sucker.
Can't wait for their next one.

J.D. said...


Yeah, the Coldplay bit in the extras was pretty funny.

I feel the same way about HOT FUZZ as you do. Good but not quite as great, but, as you say, it may because I'm more of a horror film fan than an action film fan. But it was nice to see all those veteran Brit actors in supporting roles. Plus, the always watchable Paddy Considine as a cop who constantly gives the heroes crap! Haven't had a chance to pick up the uber 4-disc megaset yet but it's on the list.

Jeremy Richey said...

Yea, I loved seeing all of those guys in those great supporting turns in HOT FUZZ and it is a film that gets better with each viewing...the set is highly recommended as the extras are plentiful and top of the line.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I love this film. It's definitely one of my favorite ones of the decade. I'm a huge Simon Pegg fan. I was going to ask you myself what you thought of Hot Fuzz. :-)

Steve Langton said...

Put me down as another huge Shaun fan, and I'd say Hot Fuzz is almost as good. Really nice choice of stills here. I think my fave scene in the film is the cue bashing (set to Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now), but the whole thing is a glorious romp and I'd still love to pay a visit to Fulci's restaurant!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith...I love Simon. Have you seen SPACED? Brilliant show and I can't wait to get the box set as soon as I can afford it...

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Steve,
Yea that Queen sequence is tremendous and I love all of the sly references to Italian, American and British horror. Edgar and Simon know their stuff!

Mr. Peel said...

I'm tempted to say that you have a misprint here--it should be Images From The Greatest FILM of the Decade.

"Glad someone made it..."