Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dario Argento's Giallo Trailer Link

Giallo poster

Here is a link to the first trailer for Dario Argento's upcoming Giallo starring Adrien Brody and Emmanuelle Seigner. Honestly I'm not too fond of how the trailer is cut, and it basically comes out looking like a hodgepodge between The Bone Collector and any other number of serial killer films from the past decade. Still, I'm glad they are promoting the fact that it is an Argento film and, to me at least, it looks like a step up from Mother of Tears. The link is slow to load and I found that it worked best to pause it at the beginning, wait a few minutes and then play it through.


Mr. Peel said...

Well, it's just a trailer. That's what I'll keep thinking. It seems like there's material in there that could be used to create an effective one but it goes on too long and the person doing the v.o. sounds like he's trying to do Will Arnett in DON'T. But it's just a trailer. Maybe if the film gets a decent release in the states there'll be a different one.

Ibetolis said...

As trailers go it's not one of the best. Still, I'm really looking forward to this.

I don't know if you recall but some months back I omitted to never having seen an Argento film, well I happy to say that I've corrected that now and finally watched 'Suspiria'. Loved it. I'm hankering to watch 'The Bird with the Crystal Plumage' now, actually I want to watch the extent of his work.

By the way, I've tagged you for an 'Alphabet Meme' that's doing the rounds.

Keith said...

Not sure about this one. Maybe it's just that the trailer is not all that great. I've got high hopes for this film. I hope he doesn't let us down.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks guys,
After watching the trailer again, I must say that I hope this isn't the final one they actually use for theaters. The voice-over is really poorly done and it just feels like a quickly put together trailer for a straight to video flick.

Glad you enjoyed Suspiria! Let me know what you think of Bird with Crystal Plumage and I highly recommend Inferno (Suspiria's follow up) as well.

Guillaume said...

It seems that this trailer was done mostly for the last American Film Market,it's not really the "official" trailer i guess!

It looks OK in my opinion,Brody,Seigner and Pataky look cool and the dark cinematograpy looks stylish enough!

I hope Jeremy that you'll like this film more than MOTHER OF TEARS!
And have you seen again MOTHER OF TEARS?