Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Robert Plant on Elvis Presley


Never mind that the new issue of Rolling Stone celebrating the best 100 singers of the rock era gets the number one and number two spots wrong (and no offense is meant to either the brilliant Aretha Franklin or Ray Charles), Robert Plant's moving tribute to Elvis Presley makes up for the error in a spectacular way. Reading this splendid little piece on the most important artist of the last century reminds me of a few years back when David Gilmore expressed his bafflement to Mojo over why people couldn't see the connection between "Heartbreak Hotel" and Dark Side of the Moon.

Thanks to Robert Plant for writing such a lovely and genuine piece on my favorite singer.


Keith said...

That's awesome that Robert Plant did that. To me many times these mags get it wrong with their top lists. Cool pic of Elvis. Where was that from?

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith,
That's a candid from the mid fifties...I don't have any other info on it though.
Great article by Plant I thought.