Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Jack Lemmon Collection Coming in June

I am very happy to see that one of America's greatest actors is finally starting to get some love on Region 1 DVD. This set, coming in late June, is one of the first of hopefully several highlighting some of the long unavailable films from the late great Jack Lemmon. While the titles are perhaps minor, I am thrilled to see that the very funny Pffft (in which a young Kim Novak can be seen), and the underrated Under The Yum Yum Tree and The Notorious Landlady (also featuring Novak) are appearing. I'm also pleased that the six disc set will also include extras, like a documentary on the much missed Lemmon and an episode of the Ford All Star Theater. When asked to name my favorite all time actor, Lemmon's name is one of the first ones that come to mind and I can't wait for this if someone would just release The April Fools on disc.


Keith said...

That sounds great. I'm a big fan of his. He made so many movies over the years that I love.

Christian Licorice said...

Will someone pls tell me why on earth That's Life is not yet out on DVD???? Its one of my favorite Lemmon films (and directed by Blake Edwards no less).

Anonymous said...

Will the Jack Lemmon DVD Collection, to be released on June 9, be packaged:

a) In 6 individual keepcases; or

b) In 6 individual slimcases; or

c) In one "fold-out" case?

I would be interested in this set if packaged in individual keepcases.