Monday, May 18, 2009

Images From My All Time Favorite Films: Sam Peckinpah's The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)

"Something inside me tells me you won't show.
I know you're carrying heat
What for God only knows.
Cable why'd you leave me,
Cable Hogue where've you been?
I just wanted to say goodbye,
So much to say goodbye.
Wanted to say goodbye to all my friends in case I die."
-John Cale, "Cable Hogue"-

***The first of several Peckinpah films that will eventually appear in this series.***


Chuck Williamson said...

Yes, yes, and more yes.

I thought I was the only one who loved this movie.

Probably my favorite Peckinpah film, and unfortunately overlooked within his filmography.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much Chuck,
It's so nice to hear from someone else who loves this film. I think it's one of Peckinpah's great works, and I am always amazed that it doesn't get more respect. Thanks again for stopping by and offering up some nice words for this incredible film.

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

We have a great fan-edit that combines all extent versions into the most coherent and emotional variant yet. If you haven't seen this one the Maciste Brothers highly recommend it. Nice Grabs -- and curse you, Jeremy, for not allowing a 4th favorite in the poll. This one would have made it, but GARCIA, DOGS and BUNCH just edge it out by a millimeter.

Samuel Wilson said...

I found myself enjoying Cable Hogue more than I expected to as the broad comedy gave way to an elegiacal tone. I liked the tone of reconciliation that prevailed at the end -- just the right thing for Peckinpah to offer after Wild Bunch. It's further back in my list than it is for others who have posted, but that only shows how deep Peckinpah's lineup is.

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

Sorry...this was supposed to have been posted farther down the page alongside your mention of PAT GARRETT AND BILY THE KID. Apologies for the inclusive confusions.

Neil Fulwood said...

Ah, one of Sam's best and a wonderfully lyrical counterpoint to the nihilism of the works that preceded and followed it.

Terrific set of stills. Pity I'm cruising your blog at work - I really want to grab my DVD copy and watch it again!