Sunday, November 1, 2009

Images From My All Time Favorite Films: Paul Schrader's Blue Collar (1978)

"They pit the lifers against the new boy and the young against the old. The black against the white. Everything they do is to keep us in our place."

***Dedicated to Richard Pryor***


Will Errickson said...

Good stuff. Love the opening song by Captain Beefheart. Watched this again recently on Netflix... still so cool!

Colonel Mortimer said...

This is a great film and, though I owe Mishima a second viewing, Schrader's best film, IMO. It's a shame that there's not a good, or in print for that matter, DVD of it, but you can watch it online via Netflix's Watch It Now feature.

Also, this is my first comment on your blog, but I've been reading it for awhile, and it's really inspiring, I even "stole" this feature for my own blog, for a feature I call 24 Frames. I did make sure and give you a shout out for the inspiration in the first feature.

Will Errickson said...

Definitely see MISHIMA again; it is so worth it. I'd love to snag a copy of that new Criterion DVD...

Joe Valdez said...

Thanks for posting these stills from one of my favorite films of the '70s, Jeremy. Along with Straight Time, Blue Collar might be one of the best movies of its decade that nobody really knows about.

It's rare you see a story about the American dream that doesn't involve champagne or mansions; this was about the guy on the bottom and the compromises made on his climb up the ladder. It's by far Richard Pryor's best performance to date. Any actor owes it to themselves to look at what he does here. Amazing.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks! Yea, isn't that opening track by Beefheart killer stuff.

Thank you for the very nice words. I hope you keep enjoying things here and I am looking forward to checking out your 24 Frames posts. Thanks again!

I totally agree. To me this is one of the seventies best films and Pryor's performance is among my all time favorites. The scene where he begs the tax guy for a break should be on every young actors must watch tape. Thanks so much.