Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paul Thomas Anderson Blogathon Reminders: Submissions and an Extension

Greetings all, first off thanks so much to everyone who has made this week such a success. All the submissions, old and new, have been splendid and I have gotten a great deal of positive feedback via email and Facebook. Just a reminder that I will be taking submissions up till Sunday night so keep them coming. Because I have received more than I had initially thought I would (which is terrific) I am going to have to extend the actual posting of the articles by a couple of days. I think posting three a day has been pushing it (in regards to readers keeping up) and there just isn't anyway I can get them all posted by tomorrow. So, if your article doesn't appear by Sunday, don't worry, as I will continue posting throughout Monday and Tuesday (and possibly Wednesday). Thanks again and I hope everyone reading is enjoying the Blogathon.

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