Monday, October 4, 2010

Joe Dallesandro on Film: Flesh (1968)

******A series, dedicated to my fiancee Kelley, celebrating the legendary beauty and career of Joe Dallesandro in stills and text.***

"There exists a whole subculture of people who are movie star oriented."
-Candy Darling, My Face for the World to See-

"The Flesh story line concerned a guy waking up with his so-called wife and having to go out and hustle because his wife's girlfriend needs an abortion. We called them 'Underground Movies' because they were done without crews, with non-actors, shot very quickly on 16-millimeter film. The film had a big success...Paul (Morrissey) came up with the idea of having some people call the police and complain that Flesh was obscene, so that it would be shut down for some legal bullshit for a was just to get all this publicity and coverage, and it worked. Audience members and critics thought of them in the beginning as documentaries. So I went with that."
-Jackie Curtis quoted in Craig B. Highberger's Superstar in a Housedress-

I had the great honor earlier this year to get a piece I wrote on the remarkable Flesh published in Intellect's Directory of World Cinema: American Independent edition. It's one of my pieces in the book I am most proud of and it was a thrill getting the opportunity to write a bit on such a groundbreaking and important film. I wrote that I thought Joe was, "fascinating and very touching in the film, and comparisons that were made to a young Brando still seem dead on." It is an electrifying and incredibly iconic performance in a truly trailblazing film. Flesh also remains probably my personal favorite of the famed Trilogy (that concluded with Trash and Heat) even though Trash might ultimately remain a better film.


dfordoom said...

I have a soft spot for Heat, mainly because it was the first of the three that I saw. They're all fun though.

Have you seen Morrissey's slightly Women in Revolt?

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks D,
I love HEAT as well...they are all great.
You know, I have still yet to see WOMEN IN REVOLT. I really need to track that one down.
Thanks again...

Amanda By Night said...

I think Flesh is the one of the three I have not seen. I still have my trusty vhs of Trash. I remember renting it in the 80s and my mom read the back of the box, laughed and had no idea what she was letting me get myself into!

Those are great still Jeremy. Joe is so beautiful and spellbinding.