Sunday, October 31, 2010

My List of 13 Favorite Horror Films at Sinescope

My friend Derek Hill recently asked me to submit a list of 13 of my favorite horror films over at the awesome Sinescope to go along with this years Halloween celebrations and it is now posted for those interested. This is kind of a companion piece to my list that I submitted to Rupert Pupkin Speaks earlier this week, with just a few overlaps. Always hoping to suggest perhaps a new title to someone, I tried not to include any of the big ones that I love (and I know everyone else does) like Rosemary's Baby, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn of the Dead. I also kept it pretty centered on the seventies and eighties and a definite European vibe prevailed, although there are some exceptions. Anyway, hopefully the list is enjoyable and I appreciated being asked to submit one.


Paul Kell said...

i loved slasher flicks as a kid and when i discovered maniac, it was like finding the holy grail.

Jeremy Richey said...

Holy grail indeed, I felt the same way when I fisrt discovered in my younger days. Thanks Paul!