Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Ten Favorite Underrated Shockers at Rupert Pupkin Speaks

Last week I was asked to submit a list of my ten favorite underrated horror films over at the always fascinating Rupert Pupkin Speaks and I was more than happy to contribute. My choices, which include several films I have celebrated here before, are now posted over at Pupkin's place now for those interested. Of course, a list like this would vary week to week but I am happy with the films I have selected, which run the gamut from Italian Shockers, to Art-House Horrors, to even a mainstream American film from the nineties. I hope my choices and reasons proves interesting and both Rupert and I would appreciate any comments you'd like to throw our way over there. Thanks to him for asking me to participate, as past contributors have included everyone from blogging buddies like Peter Peel to one of my favorite filmmakers Joe Dante. I am in very good company and I am honored.


Rupert Pupkin said...

Thanks again for the list sir! Excellent stuff!

dave s said...

Fantastic list, Jeremy. And thanks for introducing me to The Iron Rose!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks guys...glad you both enjoyed the list and no problem on THE IRON ROSE intro. Dave. It is my pleasure!