Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Operation Screenshot (Films of the 2000s) Gus Van Sant's Milk (2008)

“It takes no compromising to give people their rights. It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no survey to remove repressions.” Harvey Milk, 1973


Ibetolis said...

Two things.

1) I love how you've captured this film, a film I admit caught me off gaurd and liked a way lot more than I thought I was going too - I just thought it would be the run of the mill oscar bait. So, thanks!

2) I want that Mubi widget. How on earth did you get that? I've been out of blogging for ages and it's like I've forgotten how to ride a bike or something. Could you please help?

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Ibetolis,
Good to have you back!
Thanks for the nice words on the stills. I think it's a great film on a very important man. I really dig it and like it more and more with each viewing.

As for the really isn't. I couldn't find one on their site so I kind of just put together my own. I wanted to have some way to link to my page their. I really like that site and should use it more.

Thanks again and again it is great to see you back around!

Ibetolis said...

Thanks Jeremy, I'm really enjoying being back right now. I watched the Life and Times of Harvey Milk on the strength of the film and my total admiration of the man.

Oh, I see, I may just have a go at that. It just looks so cool and I love Mubi as well, I have it installed on my PS3 at home (UK) and I'm able to watch films on a monthly subscription.