Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First-Time Viewings (January, 2012)

January turned out to be the best month I have had in quite awhile with each week bringing good, and sometimes surprising, news. Fingers crossed that February and the rest of 2012 continues the good-luck streak.
I also had a fairly good month movie-watching wise, with the exception of just a couple of clunkers coming into view. The best older-films I saw for the first time this past month were Bo Arne Vibenius' insane Breaking Point, Radley Metzger's brilliant Naked Came the Stranger, Gus Van Sant's haunting Paranoid Park, Dario Argento's shot-for-television The Tram and Dennis Gansel's exciting vampire thriller We Are the Night.
I also caught up with a few more 2011 releases with the best being Alexander Payne's touching The Descendants, Roman Polanski's ferocious Carnage and the Tomas Alfredson's engrossing Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (give that bloody Oscar to Oldman please!)
As for 2012 releases. I loved Soderbergh's thrilling and inventive Haywire, dug Mark Wahlberg's no BS genre flick Contraband and was bored by The Devil Inside.
Here's are the full lists and, as usual, consider anything with a 3 or more star rating as a recommendation.

2012 Films:

The Devil Inside **
Haywire ****1/2
Contraband ***1/2

2011 Films:

Carnage ****1/2
The Descendants ****1/2
Mission Impossible 4 ***1/2
Red State ****
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ****1/2

Older Films:

Adrift ****
Breaking Point ****1/2
His Way ****
Il vicino di casa (The Neighbor) ****
Just the Two of Us **
Kurt & Courtney ***1/2
Misty ***1/2
Molly (1977) ***
Naked Came the Stranger ****1/2
Paranoid Park ****1/2
Psychopathia Sexualis ****
Remember Me ***1/2
Tentacles *
The Initiation ***
The Nesting ***
The Tram ****1/2
We Are the Night ****
World's Greatest Dad ***
You Can't Run Away From It **1/2

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Stacia said...

I had to laugh at the one star for Tentacles. Not even an extra half star for the pasted-in Henry Fonda scenes?