Sunday, February 5, 2012

Operation Screenshot (Films of the Eighties) Zalman King's Two Moon Junction (1988)

While his work was almost always unfairly maligned, Zalman King was one of American cinema's most distinctive voices. King, who sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer on Friday, made erotic-films that were bold, provocative and visually-striking. An accomplished writer and director, as well as a fascinating actor, Zalman King was an artist who did whatever the hell he wanted to, no matter how much it might piss off the critical community or hurt his chances at popular success. He also had a wonderful eye for talent and he helped kick-start the careers of everyone from David Duchovny to Milla Jovovich to, perhaps most notably, Sherilyn Fenn. I love much of his work but my favorite remains his first film as a director, the unforgettable Two Moon Junction. King's 1988 debut, which could be described as Tennessee Williams meets Just Jaeckin, remains one of the most resonate films from one of the worst periods in American film history.
I send out my best wishes to the friends and family of Zalman King, during this difficult time, and offer up this selection of stills from Two Moon Junction as a tribute.

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Neil Fulwood said...

I'd forgotten how beautiful the washed-out cinematography was. A striking set of images here (with some effective contrasts), and a heartfelt tribute to Zalman King.