Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Solo Career of Lou Reed by Erich Kuersten (A Continuing Series in ART DECADES)

Hopefully everyone reading is familiar with Erich Kuersten and his amazing writing. If not, please stop reading and head over to Erich's essential blog Acidemic immediately and experience some of the best writing on film you'll ever read online or in print. Erich was one of the first writers I thought of more than a year ago when I first began planning ART DECADES and I am thrilled that he has appeared in both of our first issues (and his appearance in Issue 3 is on the horizon). Erich has been exploring the solo works of my favorite artist Lou Reed for ART DECADES. His look at Lou's work in the seventies was spread about between Issues 1 and 2 and Issue 3 will contain his look at Lou in the eighties. I've loved reading Erich's distinctive takes on my Lou's wildly influential solo career these past few issues and I trust fans of Lou and Erich are enjoying them as much as I am!
Issue 2 can now be ordered at Amazon.

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