Thursday, February 1, 2007

Jean Rollin Returns

French director Jean Rollin looks set to return at least one last time with The Transfigured Night. This film has been rumored for several years since he completed his last film, Fiancee Of Dracula. Rollin's health has reportedly been very poor, so from what I can make of from the link below it seems that shooting for his new film has been sporadic. This seems to be an on the set report and I can't tell whether the film has been completed and am not sure when it will be released. Star Ovidie mentioned she would be playing the lead as far back as 2004 and Rollin has very nice things to say about her at the bottom of this link.
If the filming hasn't wrapped hopefully Rollin will be able to finish it without difficulty. A new Rollin film is always a welcome event and this film has been announced as his last. I think the striking Ovidie is a splendid choice for his work and I'll look forward to following any news of this film. The link below will take you to the French article with some on-set photos (I have posted one of Rollin directing Ovidie). Comments from anyone with news on this film would be appreciated and thanks to the Mobius film board for linking the information in the first place.

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