Friday, February 23, 2007

Lou and Pete Together.

Two of rock's most famous visionaries joined up earlier this week, at New York's Joe's Pub, for a historic set. Just after Midnight Lou Reed walked out for the conclusion of Pete Townshend's set and they performed three of Lou's most legendary tunes together. The three songs performed were Waitin' For The Man, White Light White Heat and Pale Blue Eyes. The founders of The Who and The Velvet Underground teamed up on vocals and guitars and they were also joined by Dinosaur Jr. leader J. Mascis.
Well over a decade ago Lou Reed appeared at a tribute to Townshend, performing a song off Psychoderelict but this marked the first time they had ever played together.
This performance is scheduled to be posted at sometime Monday, for those who would like to see it. I can't wait and am grateful this was recorded.
Two giants and two of my heroes, hope the crowd there realized how fortunate they were.

"Ah. I love Lou Reed, but I'm not sure I ever did what he did. I think Lou deals with earthly themes, [whereas] I deal more with wishy washy abstracts! A literary model for me would probably be someone like Herman Hesse crossed with Somerset Maugham. The story is there, but I tend to try to work around it for some reason. Where my songs land in the neighborhood, which rock really demands, they [also] land in a general reflection of a group, a team, a gang, a small society. Lou is like an Elmore Leonard crossed with Charles Bukowski - he's actually better than both of them in my opinion. His story is often a neighborhood moment. He captures a specific, a color, the nature of a feeling. Lou is actually perfect pop. Just perfect sometimes.
-Pete being interviewed by The Independent late last year-

UPDATE: The streaming video is now available at the link above. The performance with Lou and Pete is sublime. They mesh together perfectly and it is amazing that Lou continues to find something new and inventive to say with these songs year after year. The two are clearly having a great time playing together and the mutual admiration is obvious. Chill inducing stuff, don't miss it.

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