Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Nelson Family Returns

There are many TV shows being released on dvd in the coming months but none have the historical value of Shout Factory's upcoming 4 Disc box set of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.
A true television and rock music milestone, this will mark the first time that some original uncut episodes will be released on disc. The market has been saturated with public domain copies for years of varying quality but due to copyright reasons these were missing Ricky Nelson's songs.
This will not be a complete season set, I expect those in the future though, but will be a best of 24 episode collection. The Nelson family, specifically Rick's younger son Sam, is helping with this release. The episodes will be remastered and will feature audio commentaries, home movies, a featurette and more.
I haven't written about Rick Nelson as of yet on this blog but I consider him one of the greats from his early rockabilly work to his pioneering country rock sides. He remains one of popular musics most misunderstood and underrated icons.
The songs Rick would sing at the end of certain episodes from 57 on would mark the first time many homes would let rock and roll in and the smoking guitar work of James Burton would affect many future musicians, a certain Lou Reed has repeatedly said that seeing these shows had an enormous impact on him.
The shows impact on television history would also be significant, influencing everything from Seinfeld, variety shows and pretty much any family comedy you can name.
Mark your calendars for the May 1st return of a very sweet, endearing and important part of television and music history.


Tim Lucas said...

God, this is great news. This is most underrated situation comedy in history, and as you note, its contribution to rock 'n' roll history is considerable also. Now I'm just hoping that the Nelson family exercise the taste to select what really are the "Best of" episodes. It's unfortunate that a proper complete set isn't being compiled, but I can understand the commercial logic of getting those Ricky songs onto disc right away, rather than waiting until Season 5 or whenever they began to appear.

Jeremy Richey said...

As always thanks for your comments Tim. I do hope that they release the complete season sets in the future. I would love to follow this series all the way through. I'm not sure on the exact episodes but it seems like I read every season is represented, hopefully the selections will be good ones. Thanks again for your thoughts.