Monday, April 2, 2007

Artist and Muse #13

Out tomorrow is the long awaited, and much discussed, BLACK EMANUELLE's BOX VOLUME 1 from Severin Dvd. It has been a long road for these dvds to finally hit the streets. A box was originally announced several years ago by Anchor Bay but that was nixed after the were taken over by a larger and much more conservative company.
Two of the films in the box are helmed by Mr. Joe D'Amato and they all star the incredible Laura Gemser. Also included in the box is a bonus cd, GETTING DOWN WITH BLACK EMANUELLE which is a compilation of the great Nico Fidenco's work from the films.
The set is very limited and will disappear quickly and early reviews for the box are all stellar. Severin continues to be one of the most important companies for Euro film lovers currently producing discs.


cinebeats said...

I've never been a big fan of Joe D'Amato, but I need to see more of his films and I'm curious about these.

I've read some good reviews of the set too and it's great to see movies like these getting released on DVD in the US. I've added the films to my "must see" list.

Jeremy Richey said...

As always, thanks for your comments.
The films have two big assets and those are Joe D'Amato's photography and the incredible Laura Gemser. Even at their most ridiculous (or at times crude) these films retain those two things.
I haven't seen the film in the set not directed by D'Amato so I am curious about that.
I am back and forth with Joe. Some of his stuff, especially in the eighties is junk but DEATH SMILED AT MURDER (71) and BEYOND THE DARKNESS (79) are two real favories of mine. The man was a great photographer and art director, I actually think it's a shame that in the end he just considered himself a 'businessman'.
Anyway, the locales, music and Gemser are spectacular so I am able to look over the flaws.
Thanks again for commenting and reading.