Monday, April 16, 2007

Artist and Muse #14

While she is not often mentioned among the better actresses of her generation, Heather Graham's great performance as Roller-Girl in BOOGIE NIGHTS is a fine piece of work that most actor's would probably give anything to have on their resume.
Graham's career has been frustrating since Anderson cast her in her most iconic role but her dramatic work in James Toback's TWO GIRLS AND A GUY and her comedic turns in AUSTIN POWERS THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME as well as BOWFINGER are worth noting.
I am guessing that Anderson probably was remembering just how effective Graham was in 1989's DRUGSTORE COWBOY when he cast her as Roller-Girl and his faith in her paid off. Graham's layered and incredibly tragic work as one of BOOGIE NIGHTS most vulnerable lost souls is among the great performances in a film absolutely overflowing with them.

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