Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Anticipating The Mother Of Tears

I have been trying real hard to not get too excited about Dario Argento completing the Three Mother's trilogy but I must admit, with all of the Cannes coverage and the first onslaught of photos from the film, that I am not going to be able to help the overwhelming anticipation that I am feeling.
I have hesitated even writing about it in an attempt to curb this anticipation, but I thought maybe a little post wouldn't hurt. I think I am also in a bit of a different boat than some on it because I have actually liked Dario's output from the past decade a lot, the mystifyingly bad PHANTOM OF THE OPERA excepted.
Everything about MOTHER OF TEARS seems perfect to me so far. From the casting of Asia Argento and Daria Nicoldi to the idea that this film is the culmination of his career, perhaps even Italian horror in general, up to this point. Early stills from the film show him clearly echoing not only his past works but also his peers like Lucio Fulci, one shot eerily recalls THE BEYOND.
I suppose he could blow it and I have to admit that ultimately that would be okay. It wouldn't be the end of the world, or his career, but one hopes that he is able to give SUSPIRIA and INFERNO, if not a film of equal greatness, at least a fitting finale.
Anyone interested in this film should regularly be checking the great Darkdreams.org and OdetoAzia.com for regular updates. Alan Jones' recalling of the footage premiering at Cannes over at darkdreams gave me chills and even if the film is a failure it won't be because Dario wasn't giving it his all.
Also for people anticipating this work as much as I am should send a prayer Dario's way as the studio is already pressuring him to tone down the film's violence and sexuality. If ever Dario needed to get a film across un-tampered with it is this one.
The film is due to debut in Italy in October and will hopefully be seen in the States shortly after, or at least by the end of the year. I even having a faint hope that I might actually get to see this one in a theater and not just on dvd.

This is a favorite of the stills released so far that DarkDeams has supplied. Fans of one of Argento's most personal works, PHENOMENA, will immediately recognize this location. I'd say from the mischievous grin on Asia's face here that she is more than aware of the allusion too.

Good luck Dario, we are all pulling for you.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I am really looking forward to this film. I've been happy and disappointed with some of his recent films. I really want this trilogy to end on a great note, or at least on a good note. The cards seem to be in order with this film. Asia's in it for one thing. It's hard not to get excited, but I don't want to get a big letdown whenever I see it. I will be sending my prayers Dario's way. I don't want the sexuality and violence to be toned down. That's a big problem these days. Things are so watered down. Here's hoping that Dario is able to share with us another brilliant work.

Jeremy Richey said...

I really do hope he is able to get the final say in the released print. I would hate for this film to come under the censor's scissors...Dario has had enough issues with that sort of thing in his career...hopefully if the theatrical print is indeed cut it will at least be released untouched on dvd.
Thanks for commenting

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I know what you mean. This is one movie that I want to see the way Dario envisioned it and not how some studio does. I'm hoping they won't try to tone it down and tame it for "sensitive" viewers. If they do though, I hope they will release it uncut to dvd.