Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sandie Shaw at Sixty

The eternally cool Sandie Shaw turned 60 this year and to celebrate it Mojo magazine is putting on a special live 'In Conversation" event with her. Mojo is offering a chance to win some free tickets over at, so any lucky British readers might want to check it out.
I discovered Sandie a couple of years back through her incredible 1969 album REVIEWING THE SITUATION, which is one of the great largely unknown masterpieces of the period.
Sandie was born Sandra Ann Goodrich in February of 1947 in Dagenham. After being discovered while still a teenager by singer Adam Faith, Sandie had a long string of great and influential hit singles in Britain throughout the sixties. One of her most famous tracks, PUPPET ON A STRING, was named by David Bowie as one of his favorite songs and he performed it live during his most recent REALITY tour. Another major musical figure influenced by Sandie's work was Morrissey who invited Sandie to sing on The Smith's awesome HAND IN GLOVE in 1984. Sandie's version of the great track was a hit in Britain and re-introduced her to an entirely new generation.

Long one of the most underrated figures of sixties and seventies British rock the last few years have been really good for Sandie's musical legacy. A major box set and many of her best albums have appeared re-mastered on cd. The mighty REVIEWING THE SITUATION is still available as a UK import with great sound, liner notes and bonus tracks (including a stunning take on Paul McCartney's JUNK).

Sandie has a fantastic website that I highly recommend at
It's one of the best official artist websites around and provides a great overview of her 40 year career and lots of other goodies.

For the uninititated there is a recent EMI best of collection which features many of her best singles and b sides or dive in with the 4cd box NOTHING COMES EASY. Every music fan should also own the REVIEWING THE SITUATION album which can be found fairly cheaply through most of the best online vendors (or if you are lucky enough at a local hip record store).

YouTube has many clips of Sandie, here is a favorite with her performing McCartney's THOSE WERE THE DAYS which was released shortly after Mary Hopkin's original.


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