Thursday, August 9, 2007

Long Awaited Fulci DVDs Finally Announced

It looks like the great dvd company Severin is going to release Lucio Fulci's very interesting 1977 feature MURDER TO THE TUNE OF SEVEN BLACK NOTES (THE PSYCHIC) on October 30th. The short press release can be read here:

I am very pleased that this film is finally getting a release on Region One disc. I have only seen the old full frame VHS version of it and have long wanted to see an uncut widescreen edition of the film. I am also glad Severin is handling it as they have done some exceptional work in the past couple of years since they arrived on the scene.
The disc will include a rare Fulci interview as well as interviews with the cast and crew.
THE PSYCHIC was originally announced back in the mid nineties as a film that Quentin Tarantino was going to release on disc but that never happened. Tarantino is a big fan of the film and there were even talks at one point that he was going to remake it with fellow Italian Horror fanatic Bridget Fonda but that also never came to be.
While I don't remember the film being among Fulci's best, I do remember being very intrigued by it and always thought a good transfer could be eye opening, or splintering as this is a Lucio Fulci film:).
Also being released by Severin on the same day is The EROTICIST starring the lovely Laura Antonelli (an actress I have meaning to post on for awhile now). I am greatly anticipating both releases and am sure Severin will deliver the discs with quality presentations.


Neil Sarver said...

Excellent news. Fulci is a moviemaker whose work is still not nearly available enough on DVD. Much of this is because such a substantial part of his fan base is limited in interest to his extreme horrors, in many cases to the extent of ignoring how good a director he could really be and how many other skills benefit those gory horrors.

Jeremy Richey said...

I agree and you make a very good point Neil...after all this was a guy who directed in nearly every genre for twenty plus years...he has many films that are in need of releasing...thanks for the comments...

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I've enjoyed every Fulci film I've ever seen. He is a brilliant filmmaker in whatever genre. It's nice to see some of his work become more availabile. It's a shame that more of his films are available on DVD. Hopefully that will change soon.