Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goblin and Paul McCartney (Confronting My Most Useless Post Ever)

Recently I have been working on completing my Goblin collection as they are one of my all time favorite bands. One of the holes in my collection was the soundtrack for the 1978 film AMO NON AMO. I recently got a copy of it and I must say it is one of Goblin's stranger and least effective scores to my ears. Which isn't to say that it doesn't have value and I am really happy to have it in my collection.
Which brings me to my most useless post ever, but hang in there. I feel a bit like Elvis Costello writing the liner notes for GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD and congratulating everyone for buying his worst album. As I was spinning the Goblin disc for the first time I was struck by something in the second half of the first track. I played it a few times again and I thought, this sounds like that bloody Paul McCartney song EBONY AND IVORY. Now readers here will know of my love for all things Macca but damn EBONY AND IVORY is one of the worst songs the great man ever put his name to. My initial reaction was, why is Goblin lifting from one of the lamest songs McCartney ever wrote and then I realized their version was a full four years before McCartney's darkest hour.
Now of course all of this is a coincidence but I must say the image of Paul McCartney sitting around digging on Goblin in the late seventies gave me great EBONY AND IVORY, a sappy ode to brotherhood or a sly wink to Italian Prog Gods Goblin?
This wraps up my most useless post...AMO NON AMO is available from Cinevox records and EBONY AND IVORY is the rough spot of one of McCartney's major works, TUG OF WAR. (((BY THE WAY)))...Please don't take this post as me accusing Paul McCartney of anything. The similarity is small and I doubt anyone else would hear it but Damn I think I have to skip over this Goblin title track as every time I hear it I have visions of Paul and Stevie Wonder in one of the cheesiest videos ever made running through my head.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

Always loved the music that Goblin did for Argento's films. What an amazing band. That's neat about McCartney. I didn't know that. Cool.

colinr said...

They are never useless posts if you tell me things I didn't know!


Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks guys,
This is just a bit of nonsense but man the song does sound like Ebony and Ivory in the second half...I love Goblin so any post I can throw out mentioning them is okay...Macca too