Sunday, December 9, 2007


Even though it has been over forty years since Dolores Hart walked away from Hollywood, she has proven not easily shaken to fans who fell under her spell in films like LOVING YOU, KING CREOLE, LONELYHEARTS, COME FLY WITH ME and perhaps especially WHERE THE BOYS ARE.

I first became aware of her before the age of ten during my first viewing of KING CREOLE on late night tv. Her role in the film still remains my favorite of her career, and it is hard for me to imagine anyone not falling for her during the final moments of the film when Elvis sings AS LONG AS I HAVE YOU to her. She was also great in LOVING YOU with him, and can be seen in a haunting home movie with him in THIS IS ELVIS.

Of the dozen or so films she made in her career before she became a nun, I have only seen a handful, but she still remains one of my favorite actors of the fifties and early sixties. She always managed to bring something special to each project, and it is hard to imagine the period without her.
A few years ago I was privileged to be at an event where she sent a video sharing memories of working with Elvis from the nunnery where she lives. It was a really extraordinary thing to see.
Unfortunately only a few of her films are available (the two Elvis pictures and WHERE THE BOYS ARE) but the charming COME FLY WITH ME often pops up on TCM and LONELYHEARTS can occasionally be found as well. Dolores Hart remains a bit of a secret to many film fans, but she contributed something very special and real to cinema in the short, but sweet, time she gave to it.

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