Sunday, December 9, 2007

Moon In The Gutter's Biggest Week Yet

Moon In The Gutter had more hits than ever in the past week, and I wanted to thank everyone who continues to visit or who stopped by for the first time.
I also appreciate everyone who participated in this weeks poll, as it got nearly double the votes as the older ones.
Below are the results and a picture of the overwhelming winner behind the scenes of VIVA LAS VEGAS. I knew Ann-Margret would win but the 80% victory was pretty amazing, and it is a testament to how loved this woman remains. I wish Shelley Fabares would have got some more votes but this turned out to be the most interesting poll I have done yet here. Thanks again to all those who voted and here is the final tally.
1. Ann-Margret, 57 Votes
2. Shelley Fabares, 26 Votes
3. Dolores Hart, 25 Votes
4. Tuesday Weld, 24 Votes
5. Nancy Sinatra, 22 Votes
6. Ursula Andress, 17 Votes
7. Millie Perkins, 16 Votes
8. Juliet Prowse, 15 Votes
9. Yvonne Craig, 15 Votes
10. Michele Carey, 14 Votes
11. Mary Tyler Moore, 14 Votes
12. Joan Blackman, 13 Votes
13. Carolyn Jones, 13 Votes
14. Deborah Walley, 12 Votes
15. Celeste Yarnall, 11 Votes
16. Barbara Eden, 9 Votes
17. Suzanna Leigh, 8 Votes


Rogue Spy 007 said...

It doesn't surprise me that Ann-Margret won. She's my favorite one of all those. I love the chemistry she shared with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas. We know they had sparks offscreen as well. It was such an awesome film. It's the one that really got me into liking Elvis a lot. I really enjoy these polls.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith,
I am glad you are enjoying them. They are fun to put on...Ann will always be the greatest...