Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Youth Nabbed As Sniper At Harry Moseby Confidential

***My visits at Harry Moseby Confidential doubled this past week due to my tribute to Sergio Martino's Torso. Thanks for all that visited. I had to go out of town this weekend so I was unable to deliver all I wanted on the film but I hope what I did proved interesting...I will be finishing it up in the morning.***

I realize this would be the perfect time to pay tribute to Blondie's landmark 1978 album Parallel Lines at Harry Moseby Confidential. After all, this week marks the arrival of the special edition of the album and I will also be having the pleasure of witnessing the band perform it live in just a couple of days.
I decided to pay tribute instead to the often forgotten powerhouse of an L.P. that proceeded Blondie's Parallel Lines, 1977's Plastic Letters. Featuring some of their greatest songs and most spirited playing, Plastic Letters remains one of the seminal New York Punk albums of the seventies...a savagely infectious comic book for the ears performed by a band and singer on the brink of stardom.
I will be paying tribute to Blondie's Plastic Letters all this week at Harry Moseby Confidential and will be offering up a review to their concert Tuesday night in Louisville as well. Thanks to Jimmy Destri, Clem Burke, Chris Stein and especially Debbie Harry for continuing to provide me so much inspiration after so many years.


susan said...

Great to read you'll be seeing Blondie live. Really looking forward to your review. I rate Plastic Letters highly, along with Parallel Lines. Blondie were very popular in the UK, and it's a major regret I never got to see them onstage. probably the Abba of American Punk, with so many songs that are rightly recognised as classics. BTW, Jeremy. this is Steve. My wife's ID is onscreen and I don't have time to log mine in before work. Enjoy the gig!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Steve,
Hope you enjoy my tribute and my report on the show. I am really excited to see Debbie and crew again as it has been almost eight years since my last one...

Jeremy Richey said...

By the way Steve..."the Abba of American Punk" is absolutely perfect and it's a wonderful compliment.

Dave S said...

jeremey - i hope you enjoy the concert. i just saw them on june 13, and i have to say that the show was even more than i'd anticipated.

i'd seen blondie 26 years ago on 'the hunter' tour, with (what i thought was an unnecessary) addition of a horn section, and in the midst of the strain of what would be their break-up. in fact, that concert was taped for broadcast on hbo, and just released on dvd earlier this year.

but their 'parallel lines' anniversary tour featured the band as i'd always wanted to see 'em. what i got was a stripped down, straight ahead rock show featuring the phenomenal debbie harry, chris stein and clem burke, as well as some new welcome additions to the line up. (as a thank you to their canadian fans they played a punked up version of celine dion's "my heart will go on".)

though 'parallel lines' is bar none my favourite album of all time, i'm crazy about their entire, sometimes challenging, collection of recordings, including the terrific 'plastic letters'. blondie was aways underrated, i think. it's nice to see them getting some love on your site(s).

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Dave...I can't wait for the concert and I hope you enjoy my take on it...I have that video you mentioned...that's incredible you were there even though the band seems to be in a state of major distress...I must admit a real love for THE HUNTER, one of the great paranoid and overlooked albums of the eighties.