Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Natalie Wood Birthday Celebration

****The Wallpapers are located to the right at the Cult Film Wallpapers Link***

One of my favorite actors would have turned seventy years old today and I wanted to offer up a small, but sincere, celebration for her. I was hoping to create wallpapers from the likes of Sex and The Single Girl, Love With The Proper Stranger, Inside Daisy Clover and Penelope but unfortunately these films (along with many other Natalie Wood classics) are still missing in action on DVD. The rumored box-set marking Natalie's seventieth is still in the works apparently and should hopefully hit stores by late this year. I hope the set serves as an introduction to the remarkable and special talent this woman possessed for an entire new generation.
Here are a few wallpapers I have made to celebrate Natalie's birthday. I hope they prove an enjoyable tribute to one of American Cinema's most enduring icons.


The King Of Cool said...

She was fabulous. She's been sorely missed. I always wonder what she would have done in the following decades if she had not tragically died.

J.D. said...

Yeah, I agree. What a shame. I think my fave role of hers was in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. She displayed such an incredible vulnerability in that film.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith and J.D.
I appreciate the nice words for Natalie...

olmer said...

it's my birthday too!

Jeremy Richey said...

Happy birthday Olmer,
Thanks for the pic you linked to.

nine said...

hi :)
i haven't seen that natalie wood box set yet, is it out?
also, the wallpaper you've made is SO cool, thank you for sharing that!