Thursday, October 2, 2008

Operation Screenshot (Films of the 2000s): Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous (2001)

These images come from the sadly out of print Director's Cut, Untitled, which I think is superior to the already miraculously theatrical version.

Almost Famous 2

Almost Famous 3

Almost Famous 4

Almost Famous 5

Almost Famous 6

Almost Famous 8

Almost Famous 9

Almost Famous 11

Almost Famous 12

Almost Famous 14


J.D. said...

I love, love this film. It really evokes that period in a way that only could come from someone who had been there. Not to mention it has a killer soundtrack. I get wistful every time I hear the cue for "The Rain Song" and where it plays in the film.

I think that what I love most about it is Philip Seymour Hoffman's portrayal of Lester Bangs. Whenever I get depressed about writing and feel like what I'm doing doesn't mean much, I put on this film and his scenes, esp. the one where he talks about writing a 1,000 word review just to write, gets me every time and inspires the hell out of me to keep writing. Great stuff.

Steve Langton said...

I'm another proud owner of the R1 3 disc affair, and am delighted to see Almost Famous feature on this particular segment of your blog.It's an uplifting film - very moving in places - and made my spirit soar when I caught the UK prem on the big screen.The audience really seemed to be at one with the characters, the music and the highs and lows, and I've rarely had such a good time in a theatre.

Keith said...

I love this film. It definitely takes a person to that time period. I love everything about it. The music in it is awesome. It really helps set the vibe of the film. I thought the entire cast did a fantastic job. This is one of those movies that I can watch over and over. You always find something new in it.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

I know what you mean. I find Hoffman's performance as Bangs inspiring...also the scene that tears me up everytime is the TINY DANCER sequence on the bus. Just kills me.

Thanks Steve,
Isn't that set great? I don't understand why it has slipped out of print and I hope they get it back out eventually...I love Crowe's list of favorite albums on the supplments, a very nice touch.

Thanks Keith,
The cast is terrific here...I love the dynamics between Crudup and Lee and Kate Hudson is just a wonder.

Bob Turnbull said...

Some people have their comfort food. This is my comfort film.

As great as the Tiny Dancer segment is, as amazing as Hoffman is in every sequence he appears in, my favourite scene is when the young William Miller drops the needle on The Who's Tommy album. That swirling psychedelia groove builds over the scrawled band names until the crash of Townsend's guitar leaps us forward a few years to a slightly older William.

And the supplement in that Directors Cut set of the Stairway To Heaven scene is great fun - though I've yet to be able to sync the tune to it perfectly.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Bob,
I love that moment as well...i appreciate the comments.

Guillaume said...

Agreed,it's such a fine film,with great performances all around...a beautiful,heartfelt,funny and touching film!

Billy underrated actor,i love him in WAKING THE DEAD and again he's so good in Cameron Crowe's movie!

Kate fresh,so cute,i like her and i even own most of her films on dvd (even if unfortunately most of her films aren't so good,she deserves better!)