Monday, October 13, 2008

Images From My All Time Favorite Films: Mario Bava's Operazione Paura (Kill, Baby...Kill!)

Kill Baby Kill 1

Kill Baby Kill 2

Kill Baby Kill 4

Kill Baby Kill 5

Kill Baby Kill 7

Kill Baby Kill 9

Kill Baby Kill 10

Kill Baby Kill 11

Kill Baby Kill 13

Kill Baby Kill 14


Guillaume said...

The ghost child in this very good Bava opus is almost as memorable as our unforgettable Samantha Gates in FULL CIRCLE!

Steve Langton said...

My favourite Bava film. I've seen it on a 3rd gen boot, on the big screen, and on DVD from VCI and Brentwood so the Anchor bay Bava boxset was a huge treat in that it enabled me to really see this film in all its glory for the first time. Some nice choices for your screen grabs, and a wholly appropriate film to pick for October. Still spooky after all these years.

GFS3 said...

Very cool images.

Keith said...

I love this film. Definitely one of Bava's best in my opinion. Great shots you posted. It's been awhile since I've seen it. It's the perfect film for this season of the year.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. Every scene in this masterwork would be suitable to capture so I hope the ones I chose came out well...

TheJunction said...

whoa this looks scary, i won´t watch this movie :P

J.D. said...

Yeah, this one is a keeper - altho, not one of my faves of Bava. BLACK SABBATH is still the reigning champ, IMO. Altho, TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE and PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES are pretty awesome, too.

Bob Turnbull said...

I saw this and Black Sabbath last year and loved 'em both (giving a bit more preference to the latter if only for that last story). Just gorgeous cinematography and use of colour.

I recently watched "Black Sunday" and the B&W look to the film was just as stunning as the colours in those other ones..."Blood And Black Lace" was a big disappointment though - a few nice scenes, but otherwise seemed slapped together with not much thought put into the suspenseful scenes or the plot as a whole.

But I just started "Bay Of Blood" last night and that's looking pretty cool so far...B-)