Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mickey Rourke Gets a Golden Globe Nomination

Congratulations to Mickey Rourke for getting his first Golden Globe nomination this morning for his role in The Wrestler. While the nomination isn't a surprise at all, I was thrilled when I saw his name on the list a bit ago. It is amazing though and quite appalling that he has never received a nomination before, but I am glad that it is happening for Micky now. A few other nominations I am happy with are the several that went to Woody Allen's Vicky Christina Barcelona and the nominations for James Franco in Pineapple Express and the couple granted to Tropic Thunder were surprising and welcome.


Fox said...

I agree with everything you've mentioned here. Though I wasn't a fan of VCB or Pineapple Express, I did like the perfomances of Rebecca Hall and James Franco (I wasn't into Penelope Cruz's though...).

And I haven't seen The Wrestler, but I like Mickey Rourke.

J.D. said...

Nice to see Fincher's film gettin' some love, altho, I'm still bitter that ZODIAC got ignored last year. *grumble*