Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Quick Thoughts on The Oscar Nominations

While it was almost a sure thing, I am freaking thrilled that Mickey Rourke finally has an Oscar nomination for Best Actor on his resume. Otherwise, the main thing that stood out for me about the nominations was that there were very few real surprises. I have managed to see most of the major films nominated this year, and I am planning on knocking off at least a couple more (Milk and Frost/Nixon) this weekend. Of the best picture nominated films I have seen, I didn't think any of them were as good as The Wrestler, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, Gran Torino, The Dark Knight or Rachel Getting Married but those were all long shots at best.
Mickey is up against a tough group in his category (how awesome that Richard Jenkins finally got a nod as well) and I think the Best Actor race will be the most interesting of the evening. I suspect my hopes that Anne Hathaway will win Best Actress have been dashed by the fact that Kate Winslet was not nominated for supporting actress, but it will be hard to complain if Winslet wins as she has been due for awhile. Once again, I question Streep being nominated but I need to get over it as it seems to be a foregone bloody conclusion each year. The supporting categories are just awesome though and I am especially glad to see Tomei and Downey acknowledged for their work.
I was struck that this is one of those odd years where the directors and Best Film categories are matched up perfectly, although I have a feeling that the awards might be split with Van Sant snagging best director and Slumdog Millionaire getting the picture nod.
Finally, where is Bruce Springsteen on the list of nominated songs?


Keith said...

I've still got to gather my thoughts on all the Oscar nods. I need to go over the list to see what I really think.

Samuel Wilson said...

I will be in the minority in believing that Robert Downey Jr. was more deserving of a Best Actor nomination than Best Supporting Actor. At the very least, he would have had a better chance of winning something.

J.D. said...

I was really disappointed that Springsteen didn't get a nod for Best Song. Weird, that only 3 songs were nominated when usually aren't 5? And what the hell happened to REVOLUTIONARY ROAD? Another film that got snubbed, big time - 'cept for Michael Shannon, which I'm really stoked that he got a nod.

Kotto said...

aside from not having seen the reader, or rachel getting married, IMO the noms were disappointing. i liked frost/nixon, CCoBB and milk, but they're nothing compared to last year's best picture noms: NCFOM, TWBB and michael clayton.

slumdog millionaire? i feel like a pariah every time i tell someone i didn't like it. am i the only person on the planet that detested the second half of this movie?

am i wrong to think the wrestler was unfairly snubbed?

for me the only upside was that juno didn't get any more noms.

Ned Merrill said...

The Best Actor race does seem to be the only one with real drama. I've been a Sean Penn for my whole life and I was ecstatic when he won for MYSTIC RIVER (even if he should have won for DEAD MAN WALKING). It's wonderful to see a longtime working actor like Richard Jenkins get such recognition, but it would be a phenomenal turn of events if Mickey Rourke wins the Oscar this year. This is something people strongly believed would eventually happen for the actor when he was in the midst of his 80s halcyon days, but his two decade-long downward spiral made this idea some kind of sick joke. What a remarkable turn of events.

To show how bad things were for Rourke, as recently as 2007, Darren Aronofsky relays a story, on Elvis Mitchell's THE TREATMENT, about meeting Rourke to discuss THE WRESTLER at a restaurant--Rourke was openly mocked and teased by "some skinny Eurotrash guy" (Aronofsky's words). Aronofsky was furious, but Rourke played it off by smiling and laughing in a good-natured way.

Eerily similar to the Ram's experiences in the supermarket.