Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Video Store in the Sky: A Dario Argento Double Feature

It's late and the night has been filled with drink and disillusion. You stumble into an all night video store and make your way to the Italian horror section. You come away with two Dario Argento films that you haven't seen in awhile. The next morning your head will be stinging from the disappointment of The Cat o' Nine Tails, but your mind will still be thoroughly blown by Inferno.




Fox said...

Whoa... Karl Malden was in an Argento movie?? That kinda just blew my mind and makes me want to rent Cat O' Nine Tails now. It's funny, b/c that cover gives you the impression that it's a regular late 60's early 70's drama.

Keith said...

I love Inferno. It's one of my favorite Argento films. I actually saw it again not that long ago.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Fox,
Malden is great in Cat, his work in it is one of the best aspects of the film...agreed on that cover as well.

Thanks Keith,
Inferno is one of his great films to my eyes....glad to hear you dig it as well.

colinr0380 said...

Ooh...I've got that exact video of Inferno! (since updated with the US Anchor Bay double bill disc with Phenomena!)

I just received my copy of Four Flies on Grey Velvet today, so it was nice to see Argento is on other people's minds as well at the moment!