Friday, July 24, 2009

Growing Up With Fangoria: Letters 1-3

A Collection of my Favorite Letters From the Back Pages of Fangoria:

From Issue 1:

From Issue 2:

From Issue 3:


aaron said...

Oh god, that last letter brings up horrible memories of the Norstar VHS releases of both DAWN and DAY here in Canada. The censored prints he's talking about must have been used for those early videos here, too.

The distributor trimmed every single effects shot, every instance of gore - just at the point of impact. It all became nonsensical, particularly DAY, where the military guns employed to face the zombies wouldn't even fire and land on a target, the film would just sputter ahead to a few seconds later.

The first time I saw the dismembering dispatching of Rhodes' was courtesy of the "Fangoria" Scream Greats Volume on Savini.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Aaron...I was hoping these letters would cause some readers here to post their own memories. So, thanks for getting the ball rolling!