Sunday, November 22, 2009

Behind the Scenes With My Favorite Actors: Sylvester Stallone in Cop Land

"They just keep their eyes closed and their mouths shut...just like me."


fate said...

Cop Land is a "coulda woulda shoulda"movie.I was disapointed by the lack of tension in this film.great cast.we probably won´t see them together in another film.

Jeremy Richey said...

Hey Fate,
I highly recommend the director's cut of the film if you haven't seen it as it is a much richer viewing experience. Thanks for the comments!

Will Errickson said...

I saw this maybe 2 months ago for the first time & loved it. I especially liked Sly curled up on the couch listening to the Boss (on vinyl!) in the middle of the night. As a South Jersey kid this really hit home. Also the score was great; wasn't surprised to see it was done by Howard Shore.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Will,
The film is a favorite of mine from the nineties and I absolutely had to include Sly in this series...kudos for mentioning Bruce as well as I have been listening to him constantly again lately.