Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Behind the Scenes With My Favorite Actors: James Woods in Oliver Stone's Salvador (1986)

"I am a fucking weasel, there's no doubt about that. But think about this... If I went to church, I haven't been to church in thirty years, but if I went and I took confession, and with the communion together that'd be great! We could go to Archbishop Romero, you know he knows me, he likes me very much. I could become his Catholic worker, that'd be wonderful, I could get a little basket and collect coins..."


Jeffrey Goodman said...

I've only seen this movie once. But I remember it blowing me away. I was thinking often times during it, "How did they do that? And how are they maintaining this level of energy?" It's a really impressive work and maybe my favorite Stone film.

J.D. said...

Love this film! One of my fave James Woods performances, hands down. I read a great interview with him in FILM COMMENT many years ago where he shares some wild stories of filming/fighting with Oliver Stone during the making of SALVADOR but the results certainly speak for themselves.