Thursday, August 5, 2010

Images From My All Time Favorite Films: Luigi Bazzoni's Le Orme (1975)

Sadly, Luigi Bazzoni's Le Orme is still unavailable on DVD in the United States. Thankfully, the most complete version ever assembled was released in the UK by Shameless last year on an All-Region PAL DVD. Shameless put a lot of effort into this haunting film and I highly recommend their disc.


ThatQuebecGuy said...

Gorgeous shots for what looks like an absolutely wonderful movie. Coincidently I've heard quite a bit about Bazzoni and Storaro recently, I'm really anxious to check out their respective work (a bit ashamed to say that of all the movies Storaro worked on, I've only seen two).

Hans A. said...

This is a very beautiful film, Jeremy. I still have a dvdr of this one and have been meaning to pick up the Shameless disc. I think I'm sufficiently motivated now. Hope all is well.

docvoltage said...

Sinister Cinema has been selling this in the US on full-frame DVD for years--even the Shameless restoration guys were not aware of that.

The Shameless edition is fantastic and the film is mesmerizing.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks ThatQuebecGuy,
I hope you enjoy the film when you get to see it. Storaro is a real personal favorite of mine...thanks for commenting.

Thanks so much. The Shameless disc is absolutely worth it as it is more complete than any of the other version out there. Thanks again...

That's probably the version I first saw (although I got it from someone else I can't remember). It was a full-frame copy under the title PRIMAL IMPULSE and I think it was around five minutes shorter than the Shameless version, which is far and away the best out there now. Thanks for commenting.