Sunday, July 25, 2010

Images From My All Time Favorite Films: Jack Hill's Switchblade Sisters (1975)


dfordoom said...

I loved Switchblade Sisters the first time I saw it. Then I listened to the commentary track by Jack Hill in which he explained that being a composer he structured the movie like a piece of music. The pacing and the rhythm are musical.

In fact the movie, to me, feels like grand opera. And of course you have to love the fact that it's Othello but with female juvenile delinquents.

After listening to that commentary track I loved the movie even more.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks D,
Really happy to read your comments on this one. I think it's a major film but it's one many would just dismiss as an entertaining exploitation picture.
I'm glad you mentioned that commentary and the fact that this has to be watched more than once. It's a multi-layered work that really does take a few viewings to really see just how smart and great it is.
Hill's a genius to my eyes and this is one of his greatest and most satisfying works.

shatrajit said...

Many thanks to all of you for your very kind and astute comments, as well as your fine choices of images. Since you're all such film buffs, I'll mention that the controversial so-called "rape scene" was based on a similar scene - including the set-up slap in the face - from The Fountainhead, which as I'm sure you all know, was written by a far right wingnut, Ayn Rand, who BTW insisted that the picture be shot exactly according to script. Of course, being raped by Gary Cooper might be a mitigating circumstance, and after all, he got slapped with a riding crop.
==Jack Hill

Jeremy Richey said...

I am honored and thrilled that you stopped by and commented. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and for all your amazing films. It was a real treat getting this comment. All the best to you...

Ned Merrill said...

Had a lot of fun seeing this film at NY's Angelika during its revival by QT's Rolling Thunder Pictures in '96 or so. It's too bad there weren't too many more releases like this one courtesy of Rolling Thunder. Great company logo, which just made me long more for them to actually release ROLLING THUNDER.